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Although you may have a multitude of facilities just down the road, it is even better if you had many of the major amenities in your own back yard and the developers know that and so they added some amenities into the towers project. These amenities include:

Garden – Often referred to as a tree garden or meditation garden, this is a great spot for residents to sit, relax and contemplate their beautiful surroundings. Free from the hassle of city traffic and the noise of the streets, residents can truly relax and appreciate all that they have and consider their future.

Gymnasium – There are a growing number of people around the world starting to use gyms in order to try and stay fit. The difference between most of them and residents of Avida Towers Verte is though, the others usually have to travel miles to and fro from the gym, where as residents of the tower have one right on their doorstep.

Games Room – This is a great place where families can have some great competitive family fun, outside of the home but never having to cross a street.

Function Room – The availability for the residents to have a venue for social gatherings or family reunions is convenient, not only because it means they do not have to use their home as a venue but also because they have no transport concerns.

Swimming Pool – Today it seems that no residential condominium is complete unless it has its own swimming pool and Avida Towers Averte is no exception. A swimming pool outside a family’s residence is always welcome as it affords the family the opportunity to have a relaxing and cool, leisurely weekend without the need to plan expensive or long trips.

Viewing Deck – It is always nice when a condominium has a viewing deck so that residents can relax and look out across the city but the difference with most condominiums and Avida Towers Averte is that the latter has a viewing deck every forth level, making it even more convenient for residents. Of course though, it is the tower’s sky deck, which probably affords the best views of the city.

Retail Area – On the ground floor of the tower there is provision for a retail area which is also very convenient for residents, meaning that they may not have to even go as far as the nearby mall for what they want to buy.

Pets – Unlike many condominiums in the Philippines and elsewhere, residents are allowed to have pets and so the whole family can move into one of the spacious units without having to leave a furry member behind.

With all these amenities on site at Avida Towers Verte, it is rare that a resident and their family will have to leave the premises but when they do, they can do so with the peace of mind that their property is safe. To ensure that residents could have this peace of mind, the developers included 24 hour security into the project, ensuring a family is safe when they are at home and their residence is secure when they are not.

  • Free-flowing leisure pool
  • Special floors with viewing decks (every four floors)
  • Indoor gym
  • Play area
  • Clubhouse with covered spillover area
  • Pool lounge
  • Meditation garden
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